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Nothing too original, BUT it plays very good, I suddenly realized I am playing it half an hour and not wanting to cease :)
Nice music. And the mayan girl is soooooo hot and beautiful, I want her!

I have already played this particular game long ago. Where have you been when not uploading it to Newgrounds till now?
Anyway, I agree with D4v1lle - EPIC GAME. The Barbarian is like a Bible of the fighting games for me. Still trying to make a game with the similar atmosphere. What I like perhaps most, is the fact you can be beheaded any second, even if you are winning. Gives an element of constant tension.

luxregina responds:

More recently, I've been collaborating with Squize on the Outpost games >
I just uploaded the game to see what was the upload process on NG, and thought that some of the people that didn't get to play it back then might actually enjoy it :)

I agree with you, the beheading is really a hardcore move that can punish you at any moment - this game is one of my all-time favorite, and I HAD to pay it tribute at some point :)

Well, the game AI is not one of the best, but the animations are really great! Didn't expect such a quality when seing the game initial board. Great work!


One of the few flash fighting strategy games which really makes sense. I don't know how much do the missions follow the original boardgame (it must be very time-consuming to play it on the board), anyway the atmosphere is unique. I was really feeling like being there when playing it.
It's so hard! But being hard, it makes one think more about the strategy. At first few attempts I was thinking it's unbeatable. But after learning some tricks, I made it! (Well, haven't tried the final mission yet.)
I'd like to see and play some more missions, perhaps inspired by some other Alien sequels...? And what about the battle marines vs. marines? :) Wouldn't be so difficult to make I suppose, once you have made the game engine...

Apache tribe? Uff!

Well, I'll not corrupt you the score too much, because I didn't play the game in fact. (Not my type.) Just wanted to ask you whether you know that the setting is ABSOLUTE fiction? It's a horrible mix of all american cultures from Mexico to Canada, though nicely colored. BTW, Indians never learned metallurgy.

It would have been no problem to use the setting more based on reality, if you read a little about it before starting to make the game.

Good, though NOT ORIGINAL

Very nice, but this Ninja Rinseout remake should be made by its real author. Did he allow you to remake his game? FreeOnlineGames have strange habits. I once happened to see somewhere one of my games "remade", even with the same name, but by FreeOnlineGames. I HATE such habits. Giving you only 5 because of it.

BTW, I stuck in the 19th level, unable to jump to the tower. Too hard!

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