For the greater glory of Gold!

2015-06-18 14:54:08 by Thunder-Hawk

Are you ready for the Mexican jungle full of hostile savages and ancient armies? Then take the role of the Spanish conquistador on his way to conquer the Aztec empire!

This turn-based strategy is featuring over 30 animated unit types, historical as well as fictional ones. Designed to be many times replayable.


Notice the extra campaign – the Aztec defense. You can play it on two websites only.

Play Divoshi with friends!

2013-04-25 13:08:49 by Thunder-Hawk

Divoshi, my absolutely innovative board game of chess archetype, is now online in the multiplayer version. (Two-player to be exact.)
Come to play it on come2play!

Play Divoshi with friends!

Prepare your chariot!

2013-01-23 16:42:27 by Thunder-Hawk

Two Powers sequel is complete. Ancient China awaits you to put an end to endless wars by conquering all kingdoms and creating one unified empire!

Turn-based strategy game set in the Warring States China period, where you need a clever use of soldiers as well as spies in order to win. Conquer all other states and become the emperor!

Time to draw your KATANA!

2009-12-30 16:39:54 by Thunder-Hawk

Hello everyone!
SPEAR AND KATANA 2 has been now published on my website, so it's call for you to put on the ninja suit and prepare some arrows and shuriken for cruel samurai-ninja action in RPG style!

But be warned - crazy mouse-clicking will not help you this time. You'll need a real martial art to become the Legendary Warrior!

Time to draw your KATANA!

Finaly, Squares and Blades II has been launched. A lot of improvements in the combat as like as in the strategy part. Please review.
Online multiplayer based on Squares and Blades 2 is being planned.

Squares and Blades sequel launched